what our investigators say

We asked our investigators what they liked about Brewed Clues. These are their stories.

This was such a fun and unique experience! I was visiting Durham and figured this would be a great way to check out the local breweries. It was well done and Rachel was available when a little confusion arouse in the process. She did her best to make it a great experience and I wish we lived closer to the NC area because we definitely would do the other locations! I recommend it for people who enjoy beer and like challenging themselves and their palette! It's an interesting scavenger hunt that was fun and different. Thanks again Rachel, if we come back to NC, we will do it again! ūüôā - Natalie M., Durham

I surprised my boyfriend with our investigation as a date and it was amazing!! We had our expectations coming in but the tour totally blew us away, was full of surprises and took us to places we would have never visited otherwise. We consider ourselves craft brewies but were pleasantly surprised and stumped by the mystery beers on hand. I really recommend this for others looking to have a date night outside of the norm, or for a small group of friends to enjoy some drinks in a nontypical way. 10/10 would recommend and we will definitely be doing this in another city soon!! - Paula G., Carrboro

We had such a blast. All the bartenders were amazing. They taught us a lot about the different beers they served. - Bryce P., Cary

Had a great time! Did one afternoon while visiting friends in the area enjoyed the brews and the game while discovering new places. Definitely a great idea and would recommend for any who enjoy craft brews. - Jeremy B., Raleigh

So much better than just sitting at a bar. Great evening with friends! Had fun visiting bars we didn't know about and drinking beers we wouldn't have known to choose on our own. - Leslie J., Raleigh

This is the second time I've done the Brewed Clues and I've enjoyed it immensely both times. I'm just getting into drinking craft beers and this is an excellent way for me to figure out which ones I like and which ones I don't. - Misty H, Raleigh & Carrboro

This was a fun event and the setup was very engaging. We enjoyed the trivia, puzzles and tasting the beer while guessing the flavors and styles. The final prize was a nice touch too. Well done! - E. A. R., Raleigh

A great time to enjoy some beers, some exploring, some puzzles, and some trivia with friends. Fantastic night, thank you! - Liam D., Raleigh

Really fun experience, great bars/staff, great questions. - Stacia W., Raleigh

We had a great time following the clues from bar to bar. Not being real beer connoisseurs, we barely got any of the information about the beers right, but we had fun anyway. Great choice of locations. - Cheri S., Charlotte

Fun clues and good beers! - Connor P., Carrboro

It was a lot of fun. It was cool to get a small tour of the city and try breweries. My friends lives here and had never been to one of the breweries. We also liked how the last brewery was in a basement bc the walk was longer and it was nice to be in a cool dark bar for the final stop. I will absolutely recommend this to friends. - Whitney A., Asheville

This experience was so much fun! The beer tasting was amazing and the clues to go to each new location were a blast to follow. Really hoping there will be a new case in Charlotte soon, would love to do it again! - Stacy N., Charlotte

We had a really enjoyable time! Brewed Clues took us to three bars in Raleigh that we had never been to before, and the whole process of following clues and blind tasting the beers was well laid out and fun. We are looking forward to trying the stops in another city nearby. - Joe D., Raleigh

Great experience. We never have been to Carrboro, so this tour really got us to look around and see what the town has to offer. - Ryan H., Carrboro

I loved it! The premise is a fun way to see new parts of downtown raleigh. At all of the bars we went to, the staff were super nice! Would love to be able to do something similar again. - Molly L., Raleigh

My husband, friends and I had a great time. We really enjoyed trying to solve the clues. The beers were great. Excellent experience! We truly enjoyed it. - Allie T., Asheville

Very fun! Directions were simple and easy to follow. We all enjoyed getting to try new beers and bars that we may have not known about otherwise! - Julianne R., Carrboro

It was a lot of fun. Even for non locals! - Alicia K., Asheville 

So much fun! I enjoyed the Raleigh experience with a friend so much that I took my boyfriend to the one in Durham. We both had a lot of fun following the clues and answering the trivia questions, even if we were terrible at guessing the details of specific beers. - Shannon H., Durham
This was an amazing experience! I love all the details in the booklet and I even learned more about beer! Can you please open one in my hometown of Sanford so I can try it again?! Thank you for putting this together! It was great! - Kelsey Q., Carrboro
My fiance and I our locals to Asheville and I received the tour as a gift. We had a great time around our city, and we tasted beers we never had even thought about tasting before which was really fun. - Emmalyn D., Asheville
This was awesome! I bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend who is actually from Durham and it was so fun to discover little parts of the city that even he didn’t know existed! - Jihanne B., Durham
We loved the mystery and competition of trying to figure out what beer we were drinking along with the clues along the walk. - Cory S., Raleigh

We have been telling everyone about this. Four of us did Brewed Clues on a Saturday afternoon and it exceeded all expectations. Thank you for planning this out and for helping us book the tour. Really great customer service -- keep it up! - Ken H., Greensbor

What an awesome way to spend an evening. We had two friends visiting Charlotte and it was a really nice way to experience some of the local brews as well as play a game. We ended up getting snacks at the different bars we visited, and then when we finished we got dinner. What a great experience! Definitely would recommend. - Jill B., Charlotte

Each bar was so different and fun and the bartenders were awesome! The clues were delightful and the ending was fantastic. One of our favorite date nights ever. Thank you!! - Sarah C., Greensboro

A truly fun and unique thing to do in Cary! We had a complete blast. Can’t wait to try your other locations!! - Landon C., Cary

I was looking for something to do for my sister's birthday that was fun and different. This was perfect to explore the different places and ended up eating dinner at one of the locations! It was exactly what I was looking for and a great way to celebrate her birthday! We are already planning our next adventure at the other location! - Brittany T., Raleigh

A group of 5 of us did the investigation for one of our birthdays and it was such a blast. It was a totally new way to see Carborro, visit new bars, and try some awesome beers. Such a fun and cool idea! - Shelli G., Carrboro

Got this as a gift and couldn't have been happier with the experience. Amazing, friendly customer service and great choices in beer!! - Gavin F., Cary

The investigation took us to fun places we had never been before! The walk was nice with some questions along the way to help keep us going the right direction. The beer selections were very diverse. Our group had a great time. - Sarah A., Raleigh

This was clever and so fun. I live in Asheville and thought the bars on the tour were perfect. Good to get back to some old places and try some new brews! - Stephanie R., Asheville 

I loved the combination of trivia, adventure, and blind beer tasting. Would say it's ideal for a group of friends. I have little to no beer tasting experience and still had a great time. I'm sure those with more craft beer drinking under their belts would thoroughly enjoy as well. Fun, witty, boozy. - Annie J., Carrboro

Such a fun experience! Super easy to navigate and the bars were great choices! - Natalie H., Carrboro

This was a fun afternoon for my husband's birthday with friends. The clues were fun and interesting to learn the answers. Overall, great experience for an easy afternoon. It was well worth the money! - Lynelle C., Raleigh

Everything was great from the communication setting up through completing the activity. - Samantha N., Raleigh

Great way to spend the afternoon. We really enjoyed trying new beers and even found a new brewery. We are local to Asheville and discovered some watering holes we had never been too before. Hopefully Brewed Clues will create a few more adventures for our town! - Kurt N., Asheville

We had a great time and visited breweries that we had never been to before. The clues part was loads of fun too. - Linda S., Asheville

It was really fun to be able to see all the bars and answer questions! I enjoyed the experience, maybe in the future you can add more places! - Meg B., Raleigh

My friend and I had a great time going from bar to bar, clues in hand. We enjoyed the challenge and the various beers and was a terrific way to spend a Friday night. The chosen bars ranged from expected to eclectic, and we enjoyed them all (especially the last one) - it was great way to see Carrboro! would gladly do it again! - Tom B., Carrboro

My husband and I had the greatest time! Would absolutely recommend for a fun night out! - Bailey T., Charlotte

This was so fun... Greensboro doesn't have a lot of things like this and we thoroughly enjoyed our mission. Really hope you guys open more tours here soon. - Annaliese J., Greensboro

We did the Carrboro tour about a year ago and decided to try the Durham one. It was SO fun. Wasn't sure how it'd compare to Carrboro but we could not have had a better time. 10/10 recommend for a date night or group of friends! - Jack B., Durham

Our group had an exceptional time. We dressed up with fun glasses and walked around slowly taking in the beautiful town of Asheville while answering all the fun questions. Thanks for the experience. - Amanda S., Asheville

It was a great time! I really enjoyed the search part of it, and the chance to try new breweries near me. Your directions were clear so we knew where to go, but we also had to discover it. I really enjoyed this and would like to do it again at some point. - Connor F., Charlotte

We had lots of fun and found some new breweries to visit again next time!! Great for a group of friends! - Robin B., Asheville

So much fun! Thank you! I can't wait to do another. - Katy L., Charlotte

What fun! Folks kept asking us about our adventure. The beer trivia was tricky to figure out, but we rocked the puzzles! My favorite part was navigating to the next stop. - Val G., Asheville

Thank you SO much for bringing this to Cary! Couldn't imagine a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We had so much fun guessing the beers and trying to solve the mystery. Great job! - Gaelle M., Cary

Loved the new Durham mission!!! It was hysterical and we found some awesome bars that we (surprisingly) hadn't been to before. Can't wait to do it again! - Sara P., Durham

What a fun time! We had a great experience working through the clues and enjoying local breweries' wares. Thanks for putting this together! When we go to Asheville next, we plan to participate there, too. - Susannah M., Charlotte

It was super unique and really fun! We loved answering the questions as we walked from bar to bar. The three locations were also great. What a great idea! - Rebecca S., Carrboro

1. the beer, obviously.
2. the locations. the bars chosen for the charlotte tour were fantastic.
3. the organization. we were one of the first charlotte tour groups, so i was a little worried it wouldn't come together that well. i had nothing to worry about, since it all came together perfectly. - Emma S., Charlotte

This beer tour is such a fun experience! It's unlike anything else I've seen. First of all, the beer choices were delicious and varied. The tour allows you to try new beers and learn about what you're tasting. Second, our group had so much fun figuring out the mystery! The clues are witty, and working them out as a group is so funny. Also, great choices on bars!! Such a fun activity to do with friends or co-workers, and a great alternative to the typical happy-hour. - Ellen M., Carrboro

Loved the experience! Very fun way to try new beers/see new bars! - Brigid W., Charlotte

We had a great time trying the different beers. We weren’t that successful cracking the murder mystery code, but we all had fun! - Christine B., Greensboro

My friends and I really enjoyed this. It was something different, fun, and interesting. We are from out of town and wish we had this where we live. - Angela A., Charlotte

What a wonderful, well-organized experience! It was great fun with delicious beer and restaurants. Great way to try new places too! - Kathe N., Carrboro

I did the Durham location of Brewed Clues with a few friends and I can't recommend it enough! It was a great way to explore new places and to put my beer knowledge to the test (it's harder than you think). And ‚Ästno spoilers! ‚Äď the mystery itself is the best part. Can't wait to try the tours in other cities! - Ethan B., Durham

Fun, fantastic idea. The bars were super accommodating and all had totally different, unique atmospheres. Great variety in locations and beers. - Fazel K., Durham

Tons of fun and so different from tours we've done in the past! We loved that it was self-guided and we could go at our own pace. Unique in all the right ways. Cheers to you! - Natasha S., Greensboro

Loved it! Had a blast! Thank you and ready for the next one. - Jacqui R., Charlotte

It was so much fun! We definitely want to try Brewed Clues in another location. - Katie B., Carrboro

We had a great time. We did this as a father-daughter date and it definitely lived up to the great reviews we read before purchasing our tickets. Very excited to see if expand to have more cases and different beers to try! Would definitely do it again with new beers and case files! - Emily C., Carrboro

I decided to do a Brewed Clues tour with several friends to try something new over the weekend and I had a great time! Basically, it is a scavenger hunt/trivia/blind taste testing event through several breweries. We had a great time figuring out the clues to get us to the next location and it took me to some places I never would have tried. I liked that it was self-guided so we could spend as much time at any of the places and not feel rushed. I will definitely check them out again and think it would be even more fun in a city that I am not familiar with (and they have locations in Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh)! - Jennie B., Carrboro

Amazing time!!! We will be doing it again! - Emily J., Carrboro

My husband and I were Brewed Clues investigators for a random date day and weren't quite sure what to expect before showing up to the first bar. With our mission in one hand and beer in the other, we ended up having a great time working together to solve the mystery while also competing against each other to figure out the beers! Would definitely recommend to a friend (and already recommended to curious strangers). Now we just need a new mission! - Jalisa F., Asheville

It was excellent. We had so much fun exploring our own little town and going to places we had never been before. The riddles and clues were clever and fun. All three bars were accommodating. The atmosphere and beers was excellent. Kudos to the last stop - what a unique place! Thanks. We'll try Raleigh next! - Lorrie M., Carrboro

My fiance' and I had a great time! It was one of the cutest dates we've ever been on. We have told our friends about it and they are buying them too! Thanks so much for a great date night! - Alicia S., Charlotte

We had a blast!!! We discovered 3 new tap rooms we never would of found on our own!! We thought it was well thought out and worth the $!!! - Jeanie F., Asheville

10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend!!! Such a fun experience¬†ūüėäūüėä - Barbara N., Durham

Brewed Clues was an awesome experience! The tour itself was very well written and delightfully punny, and made us take a closer look at a town we thought we knew well. The beer guessing and puzzle solving were definitely tricky but that made it all the more exciting if we got them right. I would highly recommend anyone do a Brewed Clues experience, especially more than once! We plan to come back again to do another city's Brewed Clues. - Natalie N., Carrboro

Great fun! We didn't know a lot about beer but that didn't stop us from enjoying and learning a lot! Thanks for organizing a fun event! I'd definitely do it again! - Ann S., Raleigh

I love Brewed Clues! It's a great activity to do with friends to learn more about beer or discover new bars in the area. Can't recommend it enough! - Kat N., Carrboro

It was so much fun and a great way to explore some new areas in Raleigh. Very well thought out and executed. - Sarah C., Raleigh