Is it like a pub crawl?

Our tour is a combination of a blind beer tasting and a mystery investigation. So, not really. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Pub crawl: Move from bar to bar in a big pack of strangers.
  • Beer Investigation: Only you and your friends.
  • Pub crawl: Pay for your drink at each bar.
  • Beer Investigation: Never take out your wallet.
  • Pub crawl: You know what beer you’re drinking.
  • Beer Investigation: You have to guess what you’re drinking.
  • Pub crawl: Only offered for specific occasions or events.
  • Beer Investigation: You can choose your preferred date and time.
  • Pub crawl: Drinking is the main point.
  • Beer Investigation: Drinking is still pretty important—but you’ll also have to use your brain to guess the style, abv, flavor, etc. of the beer and solve a mystery.

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